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Amazing Stunt Dog Entertainment Across Midwest and Beyond!

Photo of a Stunt Dog Entertainment

Are you looking for a unique entertainment experience for your next event that thrills and astounds your audience? Team Zoom is the dog variety show that not only wows crowds but keeps them in stitches the whole time. Our furry rescue dog comedians love to make crowds laugh while performing amazing feats of agility that entertain groups of all ages.

Our shows are perfectly suited for various events, including fairs, half-time shows, and even socially-distanced virtual performances. We tailor every performance to the audience and venue to provide a stunt dog show that the crowd will be talking about for days to come. Combining choreographed musical numbers and high-flying stunts, the lovable pups of Team Zoom have something for everyone.

From flying through the air to catch a frisbee disc, to showing off agility skills by darting through an obstacle course, our canine athletes perform the most amazing tricks. Our stunt dogs love to get the crowd involved as well, so get ready for you and your guests to be a part of the show with spectator games!

See Our Amazing Show!

Our Side-Splitting Dog Entertainment Shows
Can Be Adapted for Any Sized Venue or Event!

Half-Time Shows
Half-Time Shows
Fairs and Festivals
Fairs and Festivals
Virtual Shows
Virtual Shows
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From Outfits to Stunts to Song and Dance Routines, Our Dog Performers Put the Variety in Dog Variety Show!

Team Zoom goes above and beyond to set itself apart from other dog agility shows. Our team loves stunts, including frisbee tricks, flips, hoops, and jumps, and leaves the crowd wondering, "How did they get them to do that?"

Our performances demonstrate the incredible bond between animal and handler -- all while providing an exciting experience for all guests. And as an added bonus, after each show, the audience can meet and interact with a few of our canine athletes. Our dogs love to meet audience members of all ages and are great with kids and families.

While our pups are real athletes, able to perform amazing physical feats, they all want to be center stage in their hearts. They genuinely get a kick out of bringing smiles to their audiences’ faces and have been known to ham it up to get a little extra attention. With a natural love of people, audience interaction time (also known as 'getting pets') is among their favorite parts of the show. You will be amazed at how well behaved these energetic puppers can be.

Where’s the paw-ty at? It’s where ever Team Zoom is performing!

Ready to meet the team of kunklehead dog acrobats? Our squad of daring dogs are as lovable as they are talented. We guarantee that they will get your heart pumping with their amazing energy, and then melt them with their adorable personalities.

Meet the Team
We Strive to Not Only Deliver Paw-fection in Animal Performance
Entertainment, But to be the Best Event Entertainers in the Midwest.
Wow, what a weekend! Team Zoom brought their high energy program to Stokes County, North Carolina as part of a two-day community arts / pet celebration. Their exciting non-stop, interactive, and family friendly performance was exactly what we were looking for and they absolutely delivered. Thanks Danielle and Team Zoom. We look forward to hosting you again soon. - Eddy McGee, Executive Director,'s Rating - Eddy McGee, Executive Director,
Stokes County Arts Council, North Carolina

Photo of a  Stunt Dog Entertainment

Team Zoom is the professional dog entertainment troupe you’ve been looking for.

It’s been said that when it comes to entertainment, you never work with children or animals. Well, we do both and do it well. Team Zoom brings with us everything we need to put on a safe and entertaining show including:

  • Barriers to outline performance area
  • Agility equipment
  • Sound system with microphone
  • Choreographed music
  • Team Zoom banners
  • Tons of excitement and fun
  • Extra puppy treats

You'll feel completely comfortable around our canine athletes, and the friendly and professional dog handlers that work with them are licensed and certified dog trainers with years of experience. We are also fully insured for your protection.

Still wondering if Team Zoom is the right choice for your next event or have a special event? Paw-k up the phone to plan a customized dog variety show that’s tailored to your audience.

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